Quick! Tie up that Tiger!

I’m not really positive where I got the idea to make this top, what with the horde of sewing blogs, fashion blogs and day-to day life images I see I often don’t know exactly what inspiration I’m drawing from when I design something. Whatever it was I became obsessed with the idea of a top with multiple tie up points on the back with a conservative front.

My pattern making ‘skillz’ was kind of a mishmash of fumbles. I started off with this top as a (half) square for the front, to be cut on the fold, using a t-shirt layered over the top to ensure the sizing was on par, then altered an identical backpiece into a low back with two long ties extending. I made it up, then made changes to the pattern, in order to make it longer and the curve of the back to cover my bra strap. All super high tech jargon I know. And you best believe that I busted out a ruler.

This top is ridiculously easy to wear and straddles the line between casual and something a little more ‘sumthan sumthan’. It blends well into my day to day wear as well as making me feel like a cool person who doesn’t act like a goober and walk into doors in front of people. All in all, pretty successful.

Not to brag, but this top also takes like an hour to make (plus some handstitching to do whilst watching old Dr Who episodes). So quick so….FIERCE (yes I went there).

Pattern: Self- drafted

Fabric and notions: 1.5m rayon, 1m black cotton lawn

Alterations: Had to make this muslin up 3 times to get the height of the ties right






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