Playing with Gingham

Lacking in my life was an outfit fit for a playful seafaring lass. What is a seamstress to do but make her own?

Using the pattern I drafted for my tiger top (YES I AM ACTUALLY AN ADULT) I altered the back to include another tie and flipped it back to front. This was a highly scientific process, which involved drawing around the pattern on craft paper until it ‘looked right’.

Clearly this was not the greatest plan, there is uneven spacing between the ties and the first one hits too high. If I had chosen to make a muslin I would have discovered this but priorities. And by that I mean Project Runway.

I constructed the top much the same as the Tiger one as I enjoy my seams being hidden. Woah girl you party animal. I don’t particularly like the cotton lawn I used, it tends to wear quite poorly but that’s what I get for shopping at Spotlight.

The shorts I made from the same pattern I used to make the shorts portion of my Macaron Transformers playsuit. They started off as McCalls M6331 but after I muslined them, I lengthened the crotch (sigh tallgirlproblems), shifted the darts into a more flattering place and changed the curve of the leg to instead form ties at the side. I cut the waistband on the straight grain because I was worried about it stretching out if I cut it on the bias. I added a vintage button from the stash, which means it qualifies as a stash busting project…right?

I absolutely love these shorts, high waisted shorts are my best friend (and always available to knit with) and they go with literally everything. The top is one of the things I am trying to change about my sewing this year, it is a little too Wes Anderson-dreamworld instead of real world. It also requires constant vigilance to ensure no accidental boob flashage. TMI? Just wait till I accidently stop monitoring it.

As a whole I love all the ties going on in this outfit. It feels very put together and even somehow conservative despite all the skin showing. Or maybe I’m back in dreamland ;)

Pattern: Self- drafted, based on my Tiger top, McCalls M6331

Fabric and notions: 1.5m gingham cotton, 1m black cotton lawn (left over from lining the tiger top), 1m black cotton drill, invisible zipper, vintage button

Alterations: Altered the curve of the ties to include another on the top, for the bottoms I lengthened, shifted darts, altered leg curve into side ties and added a waistband

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