Are Zebra’s black and white or white and black?

Judging by my latest makes it would appear that I am obsessed with an open back, and you know what, I AM OK WITH THAT. I find it a gazillion times cooler and as Adelaide is in the midst of a 44 degree heatwave anything that can keep me cooler is my friend.

I made yet another garment using my drafted square top pattern. This time I sliced the back into two straight lines and made some black and white bias tape to weave between the two sides like shoelaces. I basted these on before sewing a lining to ensure that they would be evenly spaced (they aren’t but HEY I TRIED). I then simply pleated a skirt and attached to the waist before adding a side invisible zipper.

As it may be (WIDELY) apparent from the photos this dress is a bit of a disaster. I originally made it floor length (DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT) in a move I solely blame on some hardcore PMS crazy. Like I legit made a floor length gown covered in zebras. AND the back was originally going to be the front. Ah gawd it sounds even crazier when I write that. This is what happens when I am not attached to a chocolate drip.

Despite the dress being a little wild (GET IT??) it does kind of work as a knee length dress. The waist is a tad loose but nothing my trusty belt can’t fix. The high neckline also makes me feel slightly classier despite showing my bra strap at the back. Well if it worked for Carrie in Sex and the City…

Pattern: Self-drafted

Materials: 2.5m cotton print (some of which was chopped off), 14’ invisible zipper, scrap cotton to line bodice, scraps black and white satin

Alterations: Squared off back of pattern and sliced into two pieces, adjusted width to accommodate bias strips




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