Devious Datura

I have a secret.

I didn’t make this Datura by Deer and Doe for myself.  But I still intend to keep it ;). For Christmas I like to make my sister’s girlfriend a top, and when I saw the myriad of cute but classic Datura’s popping up on the interwebs I knew I’d found it. And so I forged ahead with Version 1 using the leftover rayon from my tiger top. It was all going to plan until I tried it on. And then there was no going back.

I made a straight size 38, which is just a smidgen bit too loose for me but still feels like it fits within the aesthetic of the top. This is really not my usual look, I prefer some waist definition but I want to step out of my comfort zone with clothes this year. Stealing someone’s top works with that…right?

I used French seams throughout and 3 (non functional) buttons on the back. CHECK THEM PATTERN MATCHING SKILLZ OUT.

I sewed all but the hem the week before Christmas and then just kind of…left it. Left it but still um maybe still wore it. SO lazy I know but the hem was hidden and it was too cute to just leave on my sewing pile and I love new things and blah blah blah I’m lazy. Whatever it’s finished now and it’s awesome and that’s all that counts.

Pattern: Deer and Doe Datura

Materials: Leftover rayon from my Tiger Top, 3 vintage brass buttons from The Stash

Alterations: Cut 38 but used 42 hem length, buttons are non functional and sewn down

2 thoughts on “Devious Datura

  1. Love it!This fabric is seriously AMAZING!And I so feel you with this top!So many times I make something for someone else, I want to keep it for myself!

    • Haha yesss I think it’s also because I really take my time with things for others so that they look absolutely perfect inside and out (unlike myself where I leave hems unfinished ;) ). So hard to part with at the end!

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