Running late to catch the Mad Men Train

Mad men4_ gingham girl

As per usual I am running late to a craze. That craze is, of course, the beauty and glamour of the TV show Mad Men.

Mad men3_ gingham girl

This dress isn’t inspired by any particular look per say, but rather the general feel of the show. I felt like sewing something fancy and by god is the show fancy.

Mad men2_ gingham girl

I used Colette Patterns Macaron (yes, again) as I know it fits well and lends itself to ‘fancifying’. I used Dupion Silk as I love the rough texture of it and it isn’t as delicate to work with as a crepe. I lined it with some cream synthetic from ‘the stash’ that frayed like crazy and made me say many bad words. Keeping with the ‘fancy’ theme I handsewed a large portion of this dress (because what screams fancy like multiple stab wounds on my hands and a twitching squinting eye?) because I didn’t want no ugly seam action on the inside. I left off the sleeves and finished the seams with bias tape made from the silk. The bodice is boned, not necessarily because I needed to, but because it seemed fancy. Clearly I know fancy.

Mad men5_ gingham girl

A few years ago I inherited my Nan’s sewing supplies. Within them was a huge button collection that she kept in colour-coordinated jam jars. In the black jar, the magpie within me honed in on these incredible sparkly ones, with a faux diamond façade that catches the light. They are quite heavy too which makes me suspect they are made of glass.  Definitely fancy and definitely at home on my dress.

Mad men1_ gingham girl

And now I am off to find a cocktail and be fancy.

Pattern: Colette Pattern’s Macaron

Material: 1.5m Dupion silk, sheer black organza, 6 buttons, boning

Alterations: Omitted sleeves and pockets, sliced back yoke and added a button closure at the back

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